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Respond To All Your Google Reviews Within Seconds (Using Artificial Intelligence)

It's simple. Our AI writes professional responses to ALL Your Google reviews.

A human then approves or edits the AI written reply and posts it in one click .

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Unique Replies To 5 of Your Google Reviews In Real-Time!

Automated Google Reviews Reply System

Simplify the time-consuming and often challenging task of responding to all positive and negative Google reviews for your business.

Our smart AI writes customized responses in real-time (which a human checks over and manually OK's) saving time and ensuring all replies are professional, personalized and responded to fast.

Regular and fast review replies show both clients leaving the reviews and prospects reading them that you care. They also help your Google rankings.

How The Review Reply System Works

#1. Connect your Google Business Profile
to our Google approved software platform.

Connects in one minute and imports all of your Google reviews to the dashboard.

#2. When your business gets a new Google review you or your team will receive an instant email notification (which includes a review reply written by our highly-trained Artificial Intelligence.)

The Review Reply Email Gives You 3 Options:

OK the suggested AI reply (and post it to the matching Google review instantly) at the click of a button.

"Ask" the AI to rewrite another review reply on the spot.

Manually edit/tweak the AI reply (then instantly post your edited reply to the Google review) at the click of a button.

#3. You can get the AI to write replies to as many existing Google reviews as you want too, all at the click of a button.

Mastering the Art of Effective Customer Review

Responses: Key Principles for Success

Respond Fast: The faster you respond to a review, the happier your customer will be and prospective customers can see that your business makes it a priority to respond to all feedback quickly.

Reply to All Positive Reviews: It's important to thank customers/clients/patients who leave positive reviews for your business. Not only do the reviewers get notified by Google of your response (which they will appreciate) but you also show potential customers your business values honest feedback.

Respond to All Negative Reviews: Negative reviews can drastically impact potential customers buying decision. You must respond professionally and quickly to help alleviate the issue.

"Damage Control" the Bad and Highlight the Good: Responding to all reviews in real time not only improves your online reputation and shows you care, it also improves your businesses visibility through search engine optimization because Google rewards companies who engage with reviews and get a regular stream of positive reviews.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the main purpose of this AI Google review reply system?

The demanding nature of day-to-day operations often leaves businesses and their staff overwhelmed, making it hard to consistently, professionally and quickly respond to all new Google reviews.

This smart AI powered system makes sure all your new Google reviews get a quick and professional reply. This lets both the people who wrote the reviews and future customers know your company values its customers and takes feedback seriously.

It also helps your business get higher rankings on Google because Google likes it when companies interact with their customers by replying to reviews. Having more reviews is also important for getting better rankings on Google.

How much does it cost?

The price varies based on the number of new Google reviews your business receives each month, ranging from $97 to $150 per month. Prices may change.

Your subscription renews either monthly or yearly, depending on your chosen term. You can stop the automatic renewal at any time during your plan by canceling your subscription.

Do I need any technical knowledge to use this AI software system?

No, if you know how to use email, you're good to go because all the fancy AI stuff happens in the background.

Will the AI-generated responses be unique?

Yes, the AI is trained to write the suggested reply based 100% on what each review says, not some generic or one sentance reply many businesses use.

If I stop the srvice and disconnect my Google Business Profile will my replies be removed?

No, once posted all review replies are premanent.

Enter Your Business Name Below & Watch AI Write

Unique Replies To 5 of Your Google Reviews In Real-Time !

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